����������������������������������������������� RESUME


������������������������������� ������������������������������� �������BISHAR B N

����������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������� Bushra Manzil


Kollam 12���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

Kerala, India.

���������������������������������� �������������������������������������

��E-mail: bisharbn@yahoo.com

�����   bnbishar@gmail.com


Phone: 9895764870







To excel and grow in the sphere of Information Technology by working with such a growing organization, which gives me better opportunity to prove my skills & rewarded to fulfill my dreams as well as of organization.




Computer Proficiency


      Programming Language

: C, C++




:Sql Server2005,MS Access.

      Operating System

: MS-Dos, Windows 2000, Windows XP.

      Web Tools


      Web Server

: IIS5.0




: Visual studio 2005







Professional Experience



         As a Software Programmer for�� SUN INFOSYS, KOTTAYAM since July�2006 to January� 2007.


         As a Programmer in SAI BPO Services Ltd Ernakulam from Feb�2007 to till date






  Project Summary




Conversion of Site from Asp to Asp.Net(www.BidAmerica.Com) to

(www.JoepoolBuilder.net) Working Site


1 months

Team Size



Responsible for requirement analysis, design coding, Testing.


Asp.Net and MS SQL SERVER 2005


This is a Biding Site for all the Construction Works on Southern California. The Site Consist of two mode of operations Demo and Full Subscription. A new Customer Can Freely Register For the Demo Subscription And Can View all the Bid that TakePlace.The Demo Subscription is for 7 Days. But Only The Full Subscribers� Can Take place in the Bid. And also Demo Subscribers Can Add New Bid Project to the Site. If there are interested in any bids there Can add it to the Favorites list. and must Contact the Required Personal Suggested in that Corresponding Bid Details. The details of the Corresponding Bid Can be Downloaded from that Site. Daily Detailsabout Project�swill be mailed to the user.

Technique:-��� In This Site I hadused the Windows Indexing Service For the fast Retrieval of bid Details.
































Internal Software�s For the SAI BPO Services Ltd(Working Software�s )


VB.Net and MS Access ,SQL Server 2005


Responsible for requirement analysis, design coding, Testing.

1.Image Allocator S/W

In this Software the image�s From the Ftp is downloaded to the Server Folder and the Images Are marked with Complexity levels according to the Image Complex levels and these images has been Allocated to different users in the Different system through networkand then, Reallocation of the Finished images to the Specified location is done

:-This Software has been Done with Good Graphical User Interface, easy for Allocation ,Relocation ,Setting Complexity Levels , comparing Images. And Report Generations.


2.Marketing Explorer

This Software is done for the Marketing Department of the SAI BPO Services Ltd.. There are Entry for which the Registered Site and Unregistered Site�s and the Search option is there and also mail can be sent to the particular Client. And also able to know whether any mail has been sent before and if any the Date Send. Dailyand weekly Report Generation is thereThe Graphical Interface For this Software is simple for the User.

3.File Filter S/W

This Software Compares the value inside in the Excel File with the Values inside the Data Base if there is any difference between the valuesthe Corresponding Cell is Highlighted with Colors in the excel File

4.Code Checker S/W


In ThisRandom Image Will be generated and Displayed in the Interface ,the image consist of codes and the user has to type the code in the text Box with less error and max speed

This S/W calculates the accuracy, Speed Time of the user and also generates the Report for each user. This had provided with Good User Interface.


5. XFinder S/W

This is the Database Search Engine for the Data Entry in which if the text is not clear in the Document that can be Searched . many Search Criteria has been provided.

6.Voice Recording

This Software is provided for typing the Caller Voice Details. The output of this is the word file in the defined format and also the In this the Audio Files player has been created and the Details the audio file is kept ,the size ,duration of the file. Etc.The output of this is Excel File. Report Generation is done through Crystal Report.























RFID Library Management System


1 months

Team Size



Software Engineer


Responsible for requirement analysis, design coding, Testing.


VB.Net and MS Access

Job description

We can use the RFID technology in a Library where each book will be tagged with one RFID tag. This tag will contain the primary information about the book. This information includes the Book Title, Category, Book ID, Publisher, Book Shelf ID, and Issued Date, Issued to etc. When a book placed near to the reader, the system will automatically capture this information and shows the details in screen. More than one book can be scanned at a time.












School Management


1 months

Team Size



Responsible for requirement analysis, design coding, Testing.


C#.Net and SQL Server 2000


In This Software, there are mainly Three Access levels Mainly Administrator, Teacher and Office Staff. Administrator Can Block Other users and can View all Details of the site etc.The Teachercan mark Attendance, Make Mark Entry For Class Test ,make Progress Report etc.Office Staff can make Fee collections, Teacher�s Attendance, Teacher�s Salary Report etc .This Is mainly DoneWith The help Of Web Service.

Crystal Report Generation is there .






Educational Background







Younus College of Engg & Tech , Kollam, Kerala




Higher Secondary School Chavara , Kollam




Infant Jesus Anglo Indian High School









Name����������������������� ���:�������� Bishar.B.N


Date of birth���������������� :���������� 31-01-1984


Sex����������������������������� :���������� Male


Father�s Name������������ :���������� Basheer.U


Mother�s Name����������� :���������� Nurjahan.k


Marital Status�������������� :���������� Single


Languages known�������� :���������� English, Hindi, Malayalam


Nationality�������������� ��� :��������� Indian��


Address���������������������� :���� ������Bushra Manzil,

������������������������������ �����������������Mulankadakam,

����������������������������������������������� Kollam 12,

����������������������������������������������� Kerala,

����������������������������������������������� India.

����������������������������������������������� Pin : 691012


Phone Number���������� :������� ��0474 2792663

Mobile Number�������������������� 9895764870


E-mail������������������������� :���������� bisharbn@yahoo.com

����������������������������������������������� bnbishar@gmail.com

����������������������������������������������� bisharbn@hotmail.com









I hereby declare that the above mentioned details are true to the best of my knowledge.



������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Signature

������������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������


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